Canadian Solar (NASDAQ: CSIQ) was founded in 2001 in Canada by Dr Shawn Qu with the goal of promoting sustainable development and creating a truly clean and healthy environment by bringing solar energy to millions of people around the World.

And indeed, this was the case: in fact, Canadian Solar has managed to meet the electricity needs of more than 13 million households and has delivered a total of more than 52 GW of solar modules to customers scattered in 150 countries thanks in part to the valuable cooperation of more than 14 thousand employees.

Canadian Solar makes modules and system solutions that combine a high level of quality with competitive costs and pays close attention to the Italian market. In fact, the company has planned investments in marketing to conquer our market by promoting the high quality and reliability that distinguishes its products.

In 2020 profit was $3.5 billion and Canadian Solar is one of the top three companies in the world in net profit on sales.

A strong impetus for research and development

Canadian Solar places great emphasis on research and development processes that have enabled it to achieve the world record for polycell solar panel efficiency of 23.81 per cent three times (Fraunhofer ISFH).

It also has over 2,400 patent applications under its belt and over 1,500 patents authorized worldwide (March 2020). Its photovoltaic research centres on solar cells, modules and systems and involve about 515 experienced researchers.

Canadian Solar also produces PERC technology modules made with black silicon cells and PERC P4 mono modules.

In addition, the Canadian company also launched high-power 5- and 6-series modules, up to 590 W, in late 2020.

High bankability, ideal for easy-to-obtain loans

In 2020 Canadian Solar was rated astop Bankable Manufacturer by BloombergNEFand is currently ranked as aTier 1 company for the sixth time in a row.

The assessment of Canadian Solar as a highly bankable company was made based on stable financial performance, product quality, and reliability of corporate reputation.

In addition, in August 2020, research conducted by PV-Tech found that Canadian Solar met bankable status with an AA rating, an accolade currently held by only four manufacturers in the industry.


A company that cares for the environment and social responsibility

Canadian Solar is a company that is truly committed to environmentally friendly solutions. In fact, the continued focus on sustainable processes has enabled a reduction in CO2 emissions through less wasted electricity and water.

For example, for each kW of production, water use from 0.339 m3 in 2019 increased to 0.329 m3 in 2020, while electricity for module production decreased from 6.17 kWh in 2019 to 5.85 kWh in 2020.

In addition to the environment, Canadian Solar also takes social responsibility to heart and is always active in creating new jobs globally and offering numerous benefits and continuing education programs for employees.

In addition, this company also pays attention to gender equality, and in its departments, women account for 35 per cent of employees.

Canadian Solar panels

Canadian Solar manufactures a wide variety of standard solar modules, starting from 3 W up to over 665 W in power, and uses both polycrystalline and monocrystalline cells. This company’s solar modules are characterized by their thoughtful design and high power output.

A strength of Canadian Solar modules is the warranty, which is among the most extensive on the market.


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