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Innovation, Efficiency and Design: Discover Cylindrical Photovoltaic Panels for a Sustainable Future

The future of solar lighting

Cylindrical photovoltaic panels represent a technological breakthrough in solar energy, combining innovative design and advanced functionality for installation on different types of poles.

These panels, due to their unique shape, capture sunlight from 360 degrees, ensuring greater energy harvesting efficiency at any time of day. Resistant, easy to install and maintain, they offer an aesthetically pleasing and durable solution for public lighting and urban infrastructure, promoting the transition to renewable energy sources.

The Advantages of Cylindrical Photovoltaic Panels

Universal Application

Suitable for any type of pole, it can be installed without the need to dismantle existing poles, thanks to adjustable spacing brackets that facilitate mounting on any type of pole.

360° Recharge Throughout the Day

The 6 thin solar panels, fixed on a hexagonal frame, ensure that 50% of the panel is always exposed to sunlight, guaranteeing optimal charging efficiency at all times of day.

Modular Installation

Modular design allows quick and easy installation and disassembly on any suitable pole.

Wind Resistance

The cylindrical design reduces wind resistance, and each module is attached directly to the pole with 12 screws, providing excellent resistance even to grade 10 typhoons.

Never Covered by Snow

Vertical mounting of the cylindrical solar module prevents snow accumulation, ensuring consistent power generation even in the snowiest climates.

Easy Cleaning

Less dust accumulation and the ability to clean modules from the ground with a long-handled brush reduce maintenance costs and increase work efficiency.

Design Aesthetics

Vertical solar poles offer an aesthetically pleasing design, far surpassing the appearance of traditional solar panels mounted on top of poles.

Economical and Efficient Conversion

Converting traditional street lighting to vertical solar lighting with cylindrical panels is advantageous in many ways, including saving on pole replacement costs and the simplicity of the conversion process, which requires no invasive work on the existing infrastructure.

Technical Specifications of Cylindrical Photovoltaic Panels

Pmax 80W100W140W
Vmp & Imp 18V 4.44A 22V 4.54A 31V 4.51A
Dimension D160*1080mmD190*1080mmD240*1080mm
Pole diameter range90mm max120mm max170mm max
Solar cell efficiency22.5%22.5%22.5%
Cable & Connector2.5mm with universal MC4 plugs2.5mm with universal MC4 plugs2.5mm with universal MC4 plugs
Lifetime>20 years lifetime>20 years lifetime>20 years lifetime
Operating temp.-20℃ ~ +70℃-20℃ ~ +70℃-20℃ ~ +70℃


A165mm195mm 245mm
B100mm130mm 180mm
C 1040mm1040mm 1040mm


Vertical solar streetlight AIT (All in Two)

AIT (all in two) vertical solar streetlights are compact solar lighting systems comprising only two main components: the vertical solar module and the AIT solar streetlight.

The light string, MPPT controller and LiFePO4 battery are integrated into the luminaire. The luminaire and the vertical solar module are connected via MC4 connectors, making plug-and-play connection extremely easy and simple. Various LED power options and system configurations are available (solar panel power, battery capacity, LED power, etc.).

Vertical solar garden light from the ORFEO series

The ORFEO cylindrical solar lamp series embodies a blend of traditional European and American aesthetics. Equipped with a cylindrical solar panel and the most stable lithium battery system, ORFEO can be installed without problems in any area requiring illumination.

Its perfect integration with its surroundings harmonises with the architectural styles, historical context and cultural heritage, making it perfect for the environment.

Fausto Series Vertical Solar Garden Light

The Fausto vertical solar light series offers a versatile solution, with two battery capacities of 36AH and 60AH to choose from. Equipped with a high-efficiency MPPT controller of up to 97% and a 160W vertical solar cylinder, the battery can be mounted next to or at the base of the street lamp for convenient maintenance.
The customer can choose different styles of lampposts to suit their needs and even integrate them with garden lamps from third-party companies. The power and lighting modes of the luminaire can be adjusted as required via remote control.

Whether you produce streetlights or AC LED luminaires, the Fausto series can quickly upgrade your product line with the most advanced solar lights, providing the most competitive product design to help you win projects.

Whether you are a distributor, installer, or large end user, we have the right solution for your needs. We offer state-of-the-art products with a focus on sustainability and environmental impact, ensuring an excellent return on investment. Contact us to find out more about our products and how we can help you realize your renewable energy project.