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Why Choose Floating Photovoltaics?

The Benefits

  • Easy and Fast Installation: Floating systems are simple to construct and can be installed quickly.
  • Cooling Effect: The water underneath helps keep the panels cool, improving energy production.
  • Reduced Dirt on Panels: Less dirt accumulation due to location on the water.
  • Efficient Land Use: Avoids land use conflicts with agriculture and other activities.
  • Comprehensive Use of Water Resources: Ideal for lakes, reservoirs, and drinking water supplies.

Key Characteristics of Floating Structures.

1. High Strength and Durability

Our structures are designed to withstand corrosion, wind and waves, with high snow load capacity.

2. Ease of Installation

Preassembled modular components simplify and speed up installation.

3. Good Ventilation

The design promotes heat dissipation, improving energy efficiency.

4. Adaptability

Adjustable buoyancy meets the needs of different scenarios.

5. Space Efficiency

The structures take up little space and are easy to stack and store.

Typical applications

Lakes and Reservoirs

Ideal for large bodies of water, they make the best use of available space.

Drinking Water Reserves

Perfect for reservoirs for human consumption, with safe and non-toxic materials.

Industrial Parks

It can be used in industrial areas with reservoirs.

Areas Subject to Typhoons and Salt Corrosion.

Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and marine environments.


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