With top R&D talent, Hoenergy provides the safest, most reliable and most efficient energy storage products to meet different needs in multiple application scenarios.


Sure. In breve, forniamo una soluzione di accumulo a batteria per utenti residenziali, commerciali e di pubblica utilità. Product range coverage: battery, inverter, PCS, EMS, BMS. Our research and development team and factory are in China.

Battery management system. It is integrated inside our battery pack to monitor and control the battery system. We do not sell it separately

Energy management system. EMS with hardware and software in two parts. The complete system adopts AI, Big Data, cloud computing technology, 24-hour real-time monitoring and supervision.

We have single-phase and three-phase hybrid inverters suitable for different needs. For single-phase we have 3.6kW, 5kW and 6kW. For three-phase inverters we have 8Kw, 10kW and 12kW. The battery we designed corresponds to these two types of inverters. For commercial users we have PCS.

First, we need to make sure that the tension is the same. For example, the single-phase inverter should choose a battery voltage lower than 60 V and the three-phase inverter should choose a battery voltage higher than 120 V. Second, we need to ensure that the communication mode is the same. So we normally recommend purchasing these two items from the same manufacturer to ensure safety and reliability.

We have a 2.5kWh and 5kWh battery pack for a voltage level of 60V and a 2.8kWh and 14kWh pack for a voltage level of 120V. We also have all the support for extending multiple numbers of battery packs in a system. Take the 120V as an example, 2.8kWh support max 6 stackable pieces. The 14 kWh battery is mainly used in the commercial battery cluster; one cluster can hold up to 15 batteries.

The battery pack can be connected directly with the inverter, we provide installation brackets for each pack. The cabinet is used only to improve the level of protection (IP).

We provide installation training to all our dealers. They will assist you. In addition, we have an installation manual and videos that can help the electrician know the installation well.
For the commercial storage system, we debug in the factory before delivery, and before commissioning we will provide online installation and debugging according to the actual site situation. While the equipment is in operation, we also provide online technical support if needed.

Yes, our residential and commercial solution supports all on-grid and off-grid modes.