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Inverter Huawei

Inverter Huawei

Huawei is a company with a strong background in new technologies, and because of this strong background, it has also successfully entered and operated in the photovoltaic industry.

The company, founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei and privately owned by its employees who hold some virtual shares, pays close attention to the customer, analyzing and evaluating their needs in order to design innovative products that can fully meet their needs. Today, Huawei has a presence in more than 170 countries and has more than 194,000 employees.

As for the solar energy sector, Huawei, which has been the world’s top inverter supplier until 2019 for 5 consecutive years, aims to design PVsmart, stable and efficient systems that can offer customers high ROI.

In 2020, moreover, Huawei has focused on integrating AI technologies to enhance LCOE and make photovoltaic energy accessible to all in line with its slogan “Make it possible.”

Huawei is synonymous with technological innovation, and this combination is supported by the presence of 5 dedicated R&D centers for smart solutions and 9 grid energy research facilities where more than 800 PV solutions staff work smart and 9,000 energy engineers. Huwaei, today, has more than 600 patents in the field of renewable energy to his credit.

The best inverters for industrial, residential and commercial systems

Huawei offers the latest available technologies for smart PV system management to maximize investment. This results in easier management, higher yields and high reliability.

In addition, Huawei’s customer support, guaranteed for the entire lifetime of the system, is among the most efficient in the industry.

Industrial customers

For example, Huawei’s smart solutions for industrial customers allow them to increase power generation by 2 percent, reduce minimum power loss, and rely on high transmission reliability through the MBU.

In addition, Huawei’s PV systems implement a patented intelligent anti-PID that ensures the safety and higher yields.

Business customers

Huawei’s dedicated solutions for commercial customers, on the other hand, aim to achieve a lower LCOE and the use of a system that minimizes losses due to shading and uneven orientation.

These are safety systems that minimize the risk of fire by eliminating the need for external fuse boxes or DC combiners and also offer high reliability with IP65 protection against water infiltration and corrosion.

Residential customers

Huawei’s cutting-edge inverter technology is also applied to products for the residential segment, which aims to offer a satisfactory user experience, safety, and cost optimization.

Huawei’s residential PV solutions point to the use of optimizers embedded in the Smart String ESS for more energy and enhanced batteries through 2X POWER technology.

As for safety, another strength of Huawei’s products for home customers is ensured by Pin-Point positioning of arc faults, which helps in easy troubleshooting, and continuity of operation even in the event of power failure due to the power system.

In addition, solar power inverter systems are all accessible and manageable from a single app that you can download to your smartphone.

Huawei Complete Solutions

Huawei offers products for complete system solutions dedicated to solar energy by providing inverter devices Smart that focus on digital and innovative technologies, but also communication and monitoring systems, such as Data Logger, Dongle and Anti-PID modules, as well as optimizers and software for managing, controlling and monitoring the PV system.

The NetEco1000 Software enables remote monitoring and management of the PV system, while the I-V curve analysis system enables cost optimization through a complex, ad-hoc developed algorithm.

Smart design, on the other hand, is Huawei’s online platform dedicated to smart PV system design.