Jinko Solar (NYSE: KJS) is one of the leading solar energy companies and the world’s leading manufacturer of high-efficiency photovoltaic modules. Its solutions serve both commercial and residential businesses and it is present in more than 80 countries around the world.

In addition, choosing Jinko Solar products means being sure to get financing quickly. This Chinese company is indeed highly bankable.

JinkoSolar’s production numbers are significant: thanks to vertically integrated production processes, it has achieved an output of 22 GW silicon ingots and wafers, 11 GW solar cells, and as many as 31 GW solar modules (December 2020 figures).

Jinko Solar, which has more than 15,000 employees among its 9 manufacturing plants and 20 subsidiaries worldwide, is achieving its goal of providing a complete renewable energy solution and becoming an industry leader.

A company that focuses on innovation

A large part of this company’s investment is only dedicated to research and development to come up with innovative solutions using the most cutting-edge technologies capable of truly reducing environmental impact and ensuring clients’ projects are sure to be successful.

The awards received, such as the one obtained in the 2015 by World Economic Forumas “a global growth company” and honourable mention. “Today’s Transformative step 2015” during COP21 as well as achieving the 16th position among the fastest growing companies listed by Fortune, are all testament to this company’s ability to grow and a winning business model.

Today, JinkoSolar operates two “smart” factories, where the latest technologies in robotics and automation are used, located in Shangrao (China) and Jacksonville (USA). These facilities provide a dramatic reduction in operating costs due to 100 per cent automation and the ability to perform some actions in real-time, such as wafer dispatch, or to optimize some operational processes such as automated material handling systems (AMHS) or full automation of production wafers.

Jinko Solar, the company of record

In 2020, Jinko Solar’s economic and financial performance enabled the company to become No. 1 by selling a record 14.3 GW of solar panels.

Also in 2020, JinkoSolar was ranked as a DNV-GL “Top Performer” for PV module reliability for the fifth consecutive time. The Chinese company won the All Quality Matters Award from TÜV Rheinland for the fifth time, ranking first in tests conducted for the single group.

Jinko Solar manages to comply with Moore’s Law, which requires a 10-watt power increase every six months, setting a world record 12 times and touching efficiency peaks for N-Type monocrystalline panels of 24.58 per cent (June 2019).

Currently, by gaining more market share and steadily growing sales, customers and revenues confirm that Jinko Solar is among the best companies in the solar panel industry.

High bankability, Tier1 for 8 consecutive years

Corporate strength goes hand in hand with high bankability. In fact, Jinko Solar has been ranked as Tier1 in BloombergNEF module production for 8 consecutive years now.

Purchasing Jinko Solar panels, therefore, means being able to rely on the quality, innovation, and the ability to easily obtain financing from lending institutions.

After all, this company has, to date, satisfied more than 21,000 customers in 100 countries around the World.

Jinko Solar’s Technologies

In the past year and a half, following the latest market trends, Jinko Solar has focused on monocrystalline panels, achieving excellent results in a short time.

Jinko Solar’s production offers half-cell products that can reduce energy losses by more than ¼, offer more power and feature reduced sensitivity to ‘partial shading of modules.

The Chinese company’s offerings also include bifacial modules with transparent back sheet technology, capable of delivering more power with an increase of up to 20 per cent, and high-efficiency TR modules with monocrystalline technology.

These include the Tiger module, which implements a special circular ribbon, directly developed by Jinko R&D, to reuse light absorption and increase power generation.

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