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Jinko Solar

They have been named Bloomberg NEF Tier 1 module manufacturers for eight consecutive years, The business is constantly growing, which guarantees a lot of reliability to all customers. To date, they boast 30 service centres and 7 factories around the world. Rely on them wherever you are for certainty and guarantees.

Cheetah HC 60M 325-345 Watt
Cheetah HC 72M 390-410 Watt
CheetahHC60MB 320-340 Watt
Swan Bifacial 72H 385-405 Watt
Swan Bifacial HC 72M 385-405Watt
Tiger 66TR 39 0-41 0 Watt
Tiger 78TR 46 0 -48 0 Watt
Tiger LM 72HC 435-455 Watt
Tiger LM 72HC-BDVP 435-455 Watt
Tiger N-Type 60TR 355-375 Watt
Tiger N-Type 66TR 390-410 Watt
Tiger Pro 54HC 395-415 Watt
Tiger Pro 60HC 440-460 Watt
Tiger Pro 72HC 530-550 Watt
Tiger Pro 72HC-BDVP 525-545 Watt
Tiger Pro 72HC-TV 525-545 Watt