Choosing the major components of a PV system may not be easy, but not if you rely on the best. In fact, we at PvClick we mainly have products from the world’s top 9 leading renewable energy manufacturers in our catalogue.

We only rely on companies that really care about the environment, and we only deal with quality monocrystalline and polycrystalline high-performance panels.

This choice allows us not only to always offer reliable and quality products but also enables us to make it easier for you to obtain financing.

In fact, banks consider large companies to be more reliable because they offer more guarantees, and among our brands in the catalogue, many are classifiedTier 1, meaning fully financeable.

In addition, because we cooperate directly with the best suppliers in the market, we can afford to guarantee truly affordable prices that are significantly lower than those of our competitors.

We always choose the best for our clients and use only serious, solid companies that look to the future.

Our main brands

Jinko Solar is a company that needs no introduction because it is among the best in the world in supplying solar panels. In fact, he received the award Tier 1 for eight years in a row. This Chinese manufacturer is one of the most bankable in the market and boasts a record solar energy conversion efficiency for polycrystalline modules that stands at 21.6 (Fraunhofer Institute).

Longi Solar, on the other hand, a Chinese company founded in 2000, focuses mainly on low LCOE monocrystalline solar cells and panels with a claimed efficiency of 22.38 per cent. In addition, Longi Solar products have been classified as. Tier 1 for as many as five years in a row.

Canadian Solar is one of the largest companies in the photovoltaic industry, and its strengths are its affordable prices and the high quality of its high-efficiency, low environmental impact panels. Since its founding in 2001, this brand has experienced exponential growth due in part to investment in R&D.

In our catalog there can be no shortage of big names in the industry such as Trina Solar, active in the market since 1997. It is one of the companies with high bankability, appreciated worldwide, where it has brought in more than 30 Gw. Its solar panels provide high efficiency (21.2%), low BOS and LCOE, and intelligent low-voltage solutions.

Sometimes brands to partner with are chosen not only by evaluating the products, their quality and convenience, but also their values. This is the case with Jolywood which focuses heavily on research and development, teamwork and energy production that is truly environmentally friendly. The company specializes in the production of double-sided monocrystalline silicon solar panels with N-type technology

Jetion Solar is part of one of China’s largest corporate groups and has entered into numerous contracts in Italy with various renewable energy consortia. This is a brand that is classified Tier1,thus absolutely bankable, guarantees an insulation voltage of 1500 V, the highest compared to competitors, and offers quality products by stating in thedatasheet the resistance to adverse weather events such as rain, wind and hail.

Products Seraphim offer a wide range of solutions for every type of system, from residential to commercial or for industries, and boasts 11 Gw of modules installed worldwide with a claimed efficiency of about 21 percent. Among the strengths of this company is definitely the great research and development work that has led to the registration of more than 100 patents.

AKcome is a Chinese company that independently chooses the raw materials with which it makes its products by relying directly on the top 3 manufacturers in Germany. Reliability, quality and high efficiency are definitely reasons to choose this brand.

Huawei, a famous Chinese group, offers Smart PV solutions based on excellent inverter technology. With ICT expertise, the company is able to offer higher returns (greater than 2 per cent) while reducing operating costs, which are among the lowest.

Choosing SunMaster means relying on a brand that specializes in solar-powered streetlights.


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