Seamless vertical integration is a clean method of integrating solar-photovoltaic technology into column lighting systems.

Universal application

It can be used on any type of aluminium or steel pole, easy to mount and lock in place. If necessary, poles can be purchased separately. The modular design with brackets with adjustable spacing guarantees mounting in any type of pole configuration.

360° all-day recharging

Six thin solar sections are firmly fixed on a hexagonal structure that ensures that at least 50 per cent of the solar panel faces the sun at any time of day.

Modular installation

This hexagonal photovoltaic module is based on a modular design concept for easy installation and disassembly. Can be assembled quickly and easily mounted on any suitable pole.

Patented design

The hexagonal photovoltaic module is designed based onv advanced concepts and manufactured according to PCT standards.

Great wind resistance

The hexagonal design reduces the wind load area and each module is fixed directly to the pole with 12 screws.

Anti-snow cover

The hexagonal photovoltaic modules are mounted vertically and prevent the accumulation of snow and dirt.


Maintenance workers can easily clean it standing up with a low-pressure brush or spray. The result is increased yield and reduced maintenance costs.

Design Aesthetics

The module system is the concrete answer to design aesthetics, providing a compact and fully integrated green energy solution at the pole.

Hexagonal Series

In this method, large solar panels are placed around the pole itself. The seamless integration of technology without compromising efficiency, adding value to both designers and end users. Vertical integration is more resistant to wind, reducing loads and minimising the need for more expensive foundations while also reducing the build-up of dirt on photovoltaic poles. Vertical panels receive light more evenly and efficiently during daylight hours, even in darker climates and seasons.

Technical Parameters

Cylindrical Series

The cells integrated in the solar pole are the highest performing available on the market. Due to the low-temperature coefficients (- 0.30 % Power ° C, similar to that of thin films) and high cell efficiency, our cells generate more energy at a higher temperature than standard c-Si solar cells. In addition, the solar cells used for the solar pole retain their initial power. Other cell types lose 3% of their power when exposed to sunlight. This innovative technology prevents light-induced degradation like conventional c-Si cells.

Technical Parameters

Square column series

Integrated solar lantern with lithium-iron-phosphate battery, vertically mounted monocrystalline solar panel and MPPT charger. Extruded aluminium construction for strength and durability. Choice of optics for lampposts and poles and pole heights of 4 and 6 metres. The charger and battery are housed inside the pole and accessible through the service hatch for easy maintenance. Panels mounted vertically on all four sides to capture sunlight throughout the day. IP-68 battery to prevent damage in the event of waterlogging.

Technical Parameters

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