SunMaster Solar Lighting Company Limited, founded in 2006 and based in Zhejiang where it has a factory covering more than 8 thousand square meters, is a company specializing in the production of solar LED lights: such as solar street lights, solar garden lights, wind and solar hybrid lights, small and medium-sized solar generation system, solar home lighting system and solar pump system, etc.

Its products are distinguished by their high-quality profile, evidenced by ISO9001 certifications for the company and CE RoHS, SGS, SONCAP, TUV, COC, CQC, SABS, and SGS for the products. In addition, SunMaster has formed partnerships with the Semiconductor Institute of Peking University.

SunMaster is among the most reliable companies in the solar lighting accessories market and has an annual production capacity of hundreds of thousands of solar streetlights and solar systems.

Among the strengths of this enterprise is certainly the ability to have identified excellent and specialized personnel with strong backgrounds in related fields such as physics, thermology, photology, mechanics, and electronics. The quick and efficient after-sales service is also highly appreciated.

SunMaster’s goal is to offer solar solutions that can be tailored to different needs while ensuring value for money.

SunMaster’s solar-powered products

SunMaster offers a wide range of solar-powered lighting systems complete with all components for installation. In fact, along with the lights come stands, and sturdy poles with varying heights depending on the model, which offer different options for placing the battery.

Solar-powered streetlights range in power from 10W to 180W and can reach an efficiency of 17.8 per cent. This is an ideal solution in various environments, such as public or private roads, parks or areas not supplied by electricity. The technology for All in One solar street lighting systems is patented.

Solar-powered garden lights, on the other hand, are designed by Sunmaster to provide up to 10 hours of illumination and to blend seamlessly into the natural environment. No mains connection is needed because the lights are powered by the battery and it is a 100% environmentally friendly lighting mode.

In addition to various solutions for solar-powered streetlights and lighting systems, SunMaster also makes off-grid photovoltaic systems, meaning they are ideal for rural or isolated areas where there is no power grid.

In practice, these systems, unable to distribute or draw energy into the grid, go to store the energy produced in batteries. The photovoltaic solar panels are then connected to the inverter, and the energy generated can be used to power household appliances or electrical consumers connected to the battery that serves as a storage unit.

All of SunMaster’s solar energy systems are designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, and all components are tested to withstand moisture. In addition, the various supports, are specially designed to be stable and safe even in strong winds.

Because these solutions are often installed in rural environments or otherwise where there is a lot of dust, a special design has been adopted to ensure that the lights are dust-resistant and maintenance, in terms of time and cost, is really kept to the minimum necessary.

The lighting systems offered by SunMaster are powered exclusively by solar energy. In fact, in this way, installation is very simple and quick and does not require a connection to the power grid.

Their shape and design, modern and essential, are also designed precisely to optimize construction and installation.

Solpol, the highest performing solar cells available on the market

New from SunMaster is the Solpol series of solar lighting products. These are lighting systems that are powered by unique cylindrical, grid-independent solar panels integrated on a pole.

On the columns in fact or even on the poles, the most efficient and durable photovoltaic cells are integrated into the patented curved solar panel technology. They are innovative products with a compact design that offers high efficiency and provides convenient connectivity to monitor operation.


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