Revolutionising Access to Renewable Energy at Key Energy 2024 Rimini

During the last Key Energy exhibition, we had the opportunity to showcase our commitment to the renewable energy sector. As a company specialising in the import of photovoltaic panels and renewable energy products, PVClick used the event to consolidate existing relationships and explore new collaborations. Many of our long-standing customers visited our stand and just as many new potential customers approached our renewable energy solutions with curiosity.

Direct Import as an Advantage

One of the most popular and distinctive aspects of PVClick lies in our approach to importation. We aim to reduce supply chain costs by purchasing directly from the world’s best producers. This method makes it possible to offer customers quality products at competitive prices, differentiating from the practices of retailers who tend to increase prices due to inventory costs.
Specialised Customer Support

In addition to the supply of products, PVClick is committed to offering assistance during the entire import process. With a team of Italian experts, we guide our customers in the selection, purchase and delivery of products, trying to facilitate every step of the operation.

Innovations and Collaborations at Key Energy

PVClick's presence at Key Energy was marked by the announcement of significant partnerships with companies such as Tongwei and Risen, as well as the presentation of flexible photovoltaic panels. These innovations are an expression of our utmost attention to market developments and new trends. By collaborating with the world's best manufacturers, we have the opportunity to quickly bring the latest trends in innovation and energy efficiency to the Italian market.

In terms of products, many catalogues were requested, but photovoltaic kits received particular attention. For several years now, we have forged relationships with the largest manufacturers of this type of product, which is making a strong impression on the global renewable energy scene thanks to its versatility, ease of installation, reliability and energy self-sufficiency.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities offered by PVClick and the innovations presented at the fair, please contact our team. We are available to provide detailed information on our solutions and help you find the best option for your business.