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Wholesale charging stations for electric vehicles

Buy in-stock charging stations for electric vehicles for private and public use. They can be installed anywhere, such as company parking lots, shopping centres, garages, offices, hotels, gas stations, etc. We carry out supplies for companies, condominiums, and residence facilities. We cannot provide a single charging station for a private installation.

All charging stations comply with European regulations. They are also available with one or two sockets (charging points) of your choice, between Type 2 (European and Italian standard for electric vehicles) and Type 3A (Italian standard for electric scooters and quadricycles).

Connectors for charging electric vehicles according to IEC 62196-2

Source: Wikipedia

Product Range

Residential Charging Stations

Commercial Charging Stations

Columns of Recharge

ISO/IEC 15118

One of the factors that will determine the standardisation of charging stations for electric vehicles in compliance with ISO/IEC 15118. This correlation with ISO/IEC 15118 is important because this standard addresses many different key aspects, including security and data communication.

Complying with this standard will ensure that it will be safe for drivers to charge their vehicle, and will ensure the safety of information transferred between vehicles, as well as between charging stations.

OCPP Protocol 1.6J

OCPP is a standard, open and flexible protocol for communication between charging points and central systems where an operator can, among other things, monitor the status of charging points, authorize who can charge or conduct remote activities such as interrupting ongoing transactions.

It allows the charging station to interact with the main management software.


Home charging is super easy. The charging station connects to your home Wi-Fi and detects when you plug in the outlet. Once connected, you can control your charging directly from the app by setting the duration and charge level. This feature makes it super convenient for your program so you don’t have to do anything once connected.

  • Connect the station wirelessly via Wifi or Bluetooth.
  • The output current can be adjusted from 32V to 6V
  • You can start or stop charging via the app.
  • Plan your charging schedule to charge your car whenever you want.
  • View your station’s charge history and power consumption