Are you a distributor, installer or importer?


With Pvclick you save time and money by avoiding intermediary costs and dealing directly with manufacturers.

The main advantages of iShare-Home from SLENERGY for installers, distributors and importers are:

1. Simplification of Installation

iShare-Home's modular design and pre-assembled components make installation quick and intuitive, reducing labour costs and speeding up the deployment process

2. Reducing Operating Costs

The one-stop approach of iShare-Home minimises the need to manage numerous suppliers and orders, as everything needed for installation is supplied in complete, ready-to-use kits.

3. Ongoing Support

iShare-Home offers remote updates and after-sales support, providing installers and distributors with a constant flow of communication and qualified support for every need.

4. Quality and Reliability

Every component of the iShare-Home system is manufactured to exacting standards of precision, ensuring superior quality and long life, factors that reduce failure rates and increase customer satisfaction.

5. Energy self-sufficiency

iShare-Home allows users to become independent producers of energy, something that is increasingly in demand in the residential market, thus increasing the product's attractiveness.

6. Energy Saving

With an advanced storage system and high-efficiency solar modules, iShare-Home offers a competitive Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE), making it an attractive option in a context of rising energy costs.

7. Customisation of the Service

iShare-Home provides customised energy consumption assessments and solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer, enabling installers and distributors to offer a tailor-made service.

8. Sustainability

The emphasis on carbon footprint reduction and energy independence responds to the growing demand for sustainable solutions and can improve the corporate image of distributors and installers in the market.

9. Innovation and Advanced Technology

The adoption of products such as iShare-Home, which incorporate the latest renewable energy technologies, positions installers and distributors as innovative leaders in the industry.


The iShare-Home system uses a modular design that integrates solar panels, a hybrid inverter, batteries for energy storage and an intelligent monitoring system. This approach allows easy customisation and scalability of the system to the specific needs of the user.

During the day, solar panels capture solar energy and convert it into electricity. The hybrid inverter manages the energy produced, optimising use between immediate consumption and storage in batteries. The stored energy can be used during the night or in low light conditions, ensuring a constant energy supply.

The system includes a monitoring portal and app that allow users to keep track of energy production and consumption in real time. This helps to automatically identify and correct any anomalies in the installation, preventing inverter malfunctions and ensuring system safety.

iShare-Home offers remote updates and alarm notifications for faults, raising the standard of home security. In addition, the integrated service platform reduces the need for manual intervention due to the efficiency of the system.

The system is designed to minimise labour and maintenance costs. Pre-installed connectors and plug-and-play design simplify installation, further reducing costs.

With iShare-Home, users can achieve energy independence, reducing dependence on traditional energy sources and contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.


Photovoltaic panel

Increased efficiency

21.76% Maximum efficiency

All-black PV panels

425W Module power

elegant, minimalist design


2% Performance degradation in the first year

0.40% Power degradation from year 2 to year 25

12-A years of warranty

30-A years linear performance guarantee


Higher power output

125% AC output overload

98.2% Maximum efficiency

200% Maximum back-up output overload@60s

110% Unbalanced load

Increased security

Active shutdown protection

Automatic short-circuit breaking

Switching to UPS level within 10ms

Intelligent junction box

More power

10-15% Increased energy in shaded conditions.

98% Efficiency weighted

99.5% Maximum conversion efficiency

5-15% Overall improvement of module/string power generation

Enhanced security

Automatic circuit connection detection and disconnection

Automatic circuit connection

Prevents circuit malfunctions from causing fires

Battery of energy storage

Greater flexibility

Extensible capacity from 5.12 to 20.48kWh

Stackable structure

Extensible capacity from 5.12 to 20.48kWh

More performance

Reliable performance

Long working life

With 6000 cycles @80% DOD

Safer LiFePO4 batteries

Mounting Structure

More simplicity

Easy to fix the rail and adjust the levelling

Hook height adjustment range 40-55mm

Easy adjustment of the coupling height

Increased compatibility

High-strength aluminium alloy

Minimal modular design with 2 PV panels

Improved roof compatibility

Set of cables

Increased standardisation

Standardised cable length

Complete set of cables

More Innovation

Pre-Installation of Connectors

Plug and play

Intelligent energy management

Increased Intelligence

24-hour monitoring of power plant status

Different operating modes can be selected according to the household’s electricity consumption

Increased security

Capable of automatically detecting CT or meter installation

Support of remote update and equipment failure alarm function

iShare-Home LS

iShare-Home RS


System capacity Phase Module Inverter Battery Cables Ibox Mounting kit
3.4kWp 1 8 SL-D3KTL- H30(3KW) SL-BH-2-5 (5KWH) 1 1 1
4.25kWp 1 10 SL-D4.2KTL- H30 (4.2KW) SL-BH-2-5 (5KWH) 1 1 1
5.1kWp 1 12 SL-D4.2KTL- H30 (4.2KW) SL-BH-3-7 (7KWH) 1 1 1
5.95kWp 1 14 SL-D6KTL- H30(6KW) SL-BH-3-7 (7KWH) 1 1 1
6.8kWp 1 16 SL-D6KTL- H30(6KW) SL-BH-4-10 (10KWH) 1 1 1
8.5kWp 3 20 SL-D8KTR- H25(8KW) SL-BH-4-10 (10KWH) 1 1 1
10.2kWp 3 24 SL-D8KTR- H25(8KW) SL-BH-6-15 (15KWH) 1 1 1
12.75kWp 3 30 SL-D10KTR- H25 (10KW) SL-BH-8-20 (20KWH) 1 1 1