LONGI Hi-MO 6: Revolutionary photovoltaic panels from Longi



The LONGI HIMO6 photovoltaic panel is designed to maximize light absorption without any shading given by the bus bar on the front face of the panel. This allows for better performance under conditions of high temperature, low irradiation, and higher energy gain. In addition, module efficiency and installation capacity have been taken to a new level.


Low power degradation ensures that the panel can continue to generate power stably for a long period of time, without compromising system efficiency.


Using HPBC technology, the LONGI HIMO6 photovoltaic panel has a single back contact line soldering structure that helps reduce the risk of cell cracking. This means that the panel will be able to withstand damage caused by external factors such as wind, rain, and sunshine, providing greater durability and reliability over time.

The Hi-MO 6 Panel has been greatly improved in terms of appearance, performance, reliability, and intelligent optimization function with the HPBC high-efficiency cell.

In terms of appearance, Hi-MO 6 simplifies complexity and redefines the concept of PV module aesthetics. In terms of performance, Hi-MO 6 greatly improves the photoelectric conversion capability of the module through comprehensive optimization. In terms of reliability, the HPBC cell adopts full backside soldering technology to effectively improve the micro-crack resistance of the modules.

At the same time, Hi-MO 6 can perform active safety management and intelligent optimization through the prefabricated intelligent optimizer.

Learn about the HI-MO 6 family of photovoltaic panels:
Explorer, Scientist, Guardian, Artist

HIMO6 Explorer

Classic but with revolutionary changes. The appearance of HPBC high-efficiency cells perfectly matches different architectural styles. With more efficient modules, we help you generate more reliable power.

HIMO 6 Scientist

Being better is our standard with full upgrading. It offers ultra-high performance, ultra-low degradation, and an extended warranty.

HIMO6 Guardian

It is equipped with optimizers to ensure smart power generation and safer use. Real-time 24-hour power plant monitoring with the intelligent analysis algorithm. Quick stop in an emergency to ensure personal and property safety.

HIMO6 Artist

Technology and art in harmony.
A special al is used to produce striking colorful designs that suit a variety of scenery and architectural styles. A special al is used to produce striking colorful designs that suit a variety of scenery and architectural styles.

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