Solar market forecast over the next 5 years

Italy is expected to install about 39 GW of new renewable energy source (RES) capacity by 2026, of which about 27 GW should be solar photovoltaic panels. This means that the Italian solar market is expected to grow by about 5 GW per year during the period 2022-2026.

Bearing in mind that the solar market in Italy in 2022 will probably remain below 3 GW, new installations are expected to grow in the following years, i.e. in 2023-2026. This is an encouraging sign for the Italian solar sector, which could benefit from increased demand for renewable energy in the future.

It is important to note that these forecasts are subject to change, particularly due to economic and political uncertainties at the national and international level. However, the outlook for the solar market in Italy remains generally positive and we expect sustained growth soon.
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