Report on solar energy production in Europe

Today we present a very interesting report published by SolarPower Europe, which shows that solar energy production in the EU will increase by 47% in 2022, compared to 28.1 GW installed in 2021. This is a very encouraging result, which shows that solar energy is becoming increasingly important in energy production at the European level.

Germany remains the country that installs the most solar panels each year, followed by Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, France and Italy. In just one year, the total solar power generation fleet in the EU increased by 25% to 208.9 GW, up from 167.5 GW in 2021.

The 41.4 GW represents enough capacity to power the equivalent of 12.4 million European homes. Moreover, this figure is equivalent to approximately 4.45 bcm of gas or 102 liquefied natural gas tankers.
It is encouraging to see how solar energy is becoming more and more important in European energy production. We hope you find this information useful and invite you to continue following us for further updates on the development of solar energy in Europe.


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